Giving away this chair to make room in the house for our new baby. The cat has torn up one side of it but its still comfortable to sit in and there is a pull out cot. It is free for anyone that can it pick up and transport it. It is heavy so you may need to stony people.
Time to get your garden ready for Spring. Time to get your landscape beds ready for Spring. Pick up some free mulch, free compost, free wood chips. Bring your trucks and trailers and help yourself at 5315 Wrightsville Avenue. Next door to Cape Fear Hospital. FREE FREE FREE
Just in case you didnt get your free firewood after the hurricane, I have some chunks of Oak left over. They are very heavy so bring help or your chainsaw to cut them into manageable pieces. Available until end of the day Sunday February 17. 421 Cape Fear Blvd.
Free sofa bed. Sofa has some wear and tear to it but very comfortable. It pulls out into a double bed with mattress included. Only reason were getting rid of it is because weve purchased a new couch and no room for it
Offering: 40 SHEETS Fujifilm Instax Wide Instant Film For Fuji 200 210 & 300 Wide Cameras (one new closed box and one open box with two sealed 10-packs) I just need to get this out of my house and am hoping to find someone who can use it. Total number of photo films is 40. This is the WIDE picture format -- be sure you want that one (that was my original mistake).
everything is gone STUFF most of things in picture are gone,everytime i look thru it i find something worth keeping send me your yes as of 61 i still have this send me your numbertry again if you contacted me yesterday because i had limited phone service