Hey guys Up today is my amazing 2014 PRS Custom 24 loaded with 5909 pups and a Pattern Thin neck profile. This guitar was my main guitar for the past few years and is truly one of the players guitars that have the sweet spot for tone The only reason I am selling it is due to an endorsement deal, otherwise shed be staying with me for some time Feel free to shoot me cash offers Thanks for looking
Kawai console upright piano and bench, model 606-N. Finish is Queen Anne CM. Purchased new in November 2004, very lightly used. No scratches or broken parts whatsoever See photos
Two Shure Beta microphones for saleBeta 58A $100Beta 87A $175Original owner, bought new, excellent condition. Lightly used in a home studio.
Assorted DI boxes for sale. Will sell individually or as a lot4- Whirlwind LBS Line Splitters, $50 each2- Rapco DB-1s $10 each1- Sson S-Direct Plus, $15Will sell the entire lot for $200
2 Shure. AMS 8000 8 channel mic mixers. These are high dollar new. Tested. Simple to operate. Sure dependability.Dont even look at the price new it will give you a sticker shock. I need them out of the way.
Hot Rod Deville 410 for sale circa early 2000s. Bought this brand new and hardly ever used it it has sat in a closet for most of its life. This is in good condition and sounds great. Includes manual, hang tags, foot switch, slip cover. Will deliever. Please note I am not interested in trades or shipping. I only accept cash.
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL602 Triple Super Lead combo for sale. According to the serial number this was manufactured in the year 2000. Has been used very little. This has two noticeable flaws in the cab, which Ive tried to capture in the photos. Works fine and sounds great. Will deliver. Please note I am not interested in trades or shipping. I only accept cash.
I have for sale a Peavey Eddie Van Halen 5150 2x12 Combo . The is in fair condition but it works perfectly and sounds great. Will deliver. Please note I am not interested in trades or shipping. I only accept cash.
Excellent condition, includes stock der pedal. Barely used, has never left the coffee table it is sitting on. Approximately 8 years old, bought new. I dont play anymore. This is one of the best and most versatile keyboards ever made. These things were $1700 new.
This Antique Balilika was probably made somewhere in Europe. My research shows it is probable at least 100 years old. It sounds amazing the older had made balalaikas where made by serious craftsman.New strings and outstanding condition for the age.Russian ,Chech, Italian area most likely.
Was played for about a year as a beginner guitar for myself. Got a sweet deal on a gibson so I upgraded. Plays and sounds amazing for the price I got it for. Minor scratches on the clear coat on the side where it rests on your leg, other than that its perfect.
20 WATT MOBILEPORTABLE PUBILC ADDRESSAMPLIFICATION SYSTEM. Consists of the following 1 Realistic 20W Mobil PA Amplifier. 2 Mic, 1 Aux, 1 Phono Input. 4, 8, 16 Ohm 70V output connections. Runs on 120 VAC or 12 VDC from a vehicle power outlet connection. Operator Manual included. 1 Realistic PA 90 Vertical Speaker. Dual 8 woofers, wide angle piezo horn, 8 Ohm impedance, 80W maximum input. 10W x 7...
Djembe Drum Large 14X 25 Great condition- lightly played. Handmade in Africa. Real skin. I forget what type of wood it is but youre welcome to check it out. 14X25 Comes with a rasta skin cover and backpack carrying bagEmail me if interested
Behringer B212XL Gig Speaker. 800 watt 200 continuous 2 way. Works perfect and great condition.This is for one speaker. Can be used with pedestal standnot included or has rubber feet. Priced to sell and is firm.